File Encryption

You can use a password and/or keyfile to encrypt files. An individual file, multiple files, a folder, or several folders can be selected for encryption. When you select a folder, Kryptor will encrypt all the files within the folder and all subfolders.

Encrypted files are given the ".kryptor" extension and are marked as read-only. Do NOT modify encrypted files as this will cause them to become undecryptable. However, you can move and rename encrypted files safely, just don't try to open or edit them.

Encryption Algorithms

Kryptor supports four encryption algorithms - XChaCha20, XSalsa20, and AES-CBC with 256-bit keys. XChaCha20 is used by default and recommended, but the encryption algorithm can be changed in the settings.

You can read more about the encryption algorithms in Kryptor here.

Anonymous Rename

Kryptor also supports anonymous renaming of files, which is enabled by default but can be disabled in the settings. This feature prevents file/folder names giving away information about the contents of encrypted files.

Anonymous rename gives each encrypted file a random name, and the original file name is stored in the file before it gets encrypted. Folders and subfolders also get anonymously renamed, and the original folder names are stored in an encrypted file within the folder.